HEMAsavR™ will reduce allogeneic blood transfusions and improve patient care.

The HEMAsavR™ device is a sterile, economical blood capture and transfer device that supports efforts to collect and salvage blood in most surgical procedures—allowing clinicians to respond quickly to unanticipated blood loss. The HEMAsavR™ decreases the upfront cost of collecting shed blood and creates options to improve outcomes and avoid allogeneic transfusions.

Utilize HEMAsavR™ to respond quickly to unanticipated blood loss in surgical and post-surgical settings. Make HEMAsavR™ part of your blood management program today.


  • Shed blood is a significant source of RBCs
  • Leverage existing protocols and workflow for blood salvage
  • Closed, sterile system compatible with surgical suction & autotransfusion systems


  • Designed to reduce allogeneic transfusions which are among the costliest contributors to healthcare expenditures
  • Seamless integration. Collection does not require specialized resources


  • By avoiding allogeneic tranfusion-related adverse events:
  • Decrease patient mortality
  • Lower incidence of nosocomial infections
  • Reduce risk of multi-organ failures
  • Decrease length of hospital and ICU stays

More Focus. More Opportunities.

HEMAsavR™ enables economical viable blood collection (sterile and anti-coagulated) for evaluation for cell salvage processing and return to the patient.


Utilize HEMAsavR™ to formally capture shed blood. Recognition is crucial for initiation of transfusion and other resuscitation efforts


HEMAsavR™ enables clinical teams to Quantify Blood Loss (QBL) through its patented sampling port. Visual estimation of blood loss is inaccurate.


HEMAsavR™ enables the return of high quality blood to patients. Avoid the risks from allogeneic blood transfusions by salvaging shed blood and return washed autologous blood to the patient.

Seamless Integration With Current Protocols.

HEMAsavR™ is universally compatible with surgical suction and ATS systems. The result is fast set up, ease of use, and an effective solution for increased blood recovery for potential processing and return to patient.